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Interesting. Open-minded. Adventurous. Curious. That’s who we are.


Great whisky is nothing if it’s not paired with great conversations.


Whisky ties in with so much: history, science, innovation…it goes on!


Everyone is different. The only way to find your taste is to indulge in exploration.

What our whisky explorers have to say…

Chanie H.


“Yummy and stimulating.

I’ve learned a lot, tried heaps of great new whiskies and meet fascinating people every time.”

John C.


“Some cracking Islay offerings last night and some great stand-ups by you and your on-hand celeb team.
I also met some interesting people!”

Victoria C.

PhD Candidate

“I love the conversations I get into at The Whisky Social. You come to flirt with the worldly whiskies you would never find and you leave with a new tribe of feisty ambitious types.”

Some of our events

Whisky Heretics

This is a night to celebrate the mad scientists of the whisky world. If everybody stopped when they were told, “You can’t do that.” we wouldn’t have much of the fantastic whisky we do today!

Frisky Whisky

We believe strongly that sharing whisky should be a full-sensory experience. That’s why we sometimes team up with the fantastic Ms. Sophie de Lightful and her talented troupe of cabaret performers. These nights weave a story around five whiskies and five acts that come together to both enrapture as well as educate.

Women in Whisky

This is an evening to raise our glasses to some of the talented, daring and all-around awesome women in the whisky industry, past, present and future. It has never been a man’s world. Both making and drinking whisky brings people from all gender identities together.

All About Islay

If there is one place in this world that is as mythical and important to the history and future of whisky it is Scotland. One place, in particular, sorts out the diehards from the social Scotch sippers: Islay. This is an evening to celebrate everything that makes this place so special.

Whisk(e)y Travel Guides

This is the most complex of all the spirits. It is the culmination of time, chemistry and alchemy. You cannot truly understand a whisky until you’ve been to visit its homeland. These are just a few of the places you can do that. More whisky travel guides are listed on the explore page.


Did you know that there are award winning distilleries all over Australia? You should check one out next time you’re in the neighbourhood. How about a DIY boilermaker (beer and whisky) tour to get you started!


It’s not the only place that makes great whisky, but it certainly is one of the first to come to mind. You’ll come away with a much deeper understanding of whisky culture after a few distillery tours, ferry rides, and a stop in at a cooperage in this fine land of libation.


This is the land that saw the passage of prohibition laws as a challenge rather than a threat! Whiskey culture around the U.S. is as diverse as it can get, from peated bourbons over in New York City to a roaring whiskey revival over in the North West.

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