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Not Your Nan's Scotch: A Modern Approach to Whisky

August 15th 6pm - Online


A naughty peek at American Whiskey History

The Scots went in search of a better life and settled in the thirteen colonies, mainly around South Carolina and Virginia. They were never big fans of the English and things weren’t getting much better, so why not give this America place a go? If it wasn’t for these Scottish and Irish immigrants, god knows what Americans would be drinking these days. Vodka. …what? Too soon? Let’s raise our glasses to the past, present, and future of American Whiskey History!

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American Whiskey is so much more than bourbon: Let us show you!

After this night of cultural immersion, you’re not going to be able to think of American whiskey the same way anymore. It’s so much more than ‘just bourbon’ and comes from a heritage of room shakers, moonshine makers and crazy characters. If that’s not your cup of tea, then you best stay away. If that’s right up your alley then you’ll love Frisky Whisky.

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